Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Year's Day Pizzas

Woke early on the new year's first day. Lit the wood oven, and made offerings and intentions
as the fire began to take hold and burn. Offerings of Copal and 
Sage, Sandalwood and handfuls of forest moss and lichen.
the southern skies blazing crimson, fragrant with the incense smoke, the sea swell pounding and the faint barking of seals,

I prayed, for peace, for rain, for equality and prosperity for all, for our collective hearts to be filled with love, connectedness and community.

I slathered the bottom of the pizzas with Hot Ajvar, a yummy Turkish red pepper condiment , that is a beautiful backdrop for the other ingredients. Fresh goat cheese, arugula, paper thin sliced white onion and preserved meyer lemons, marinated lamb, oodles fresh mint and flat leaf parsley, Ras el Hanour....a drizzle of cilantro infused olive oil.
Our New Year began with the gathering of friends and family, all we usual suspects, feteing, sated, and  blessed with more pizza than we could eat.

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