Monday, September 15, 2014

Saffron Scented Bartlett Pear Chutney from Isabel's Dreamy Orchard

A few days ago my dear friend Isabel brought me a basket of her beautiful pears. They were at peak ripeness and truly the most creamy and fragrant pear I've ever eaten. I did not have any time to just sit and look at how gorgeous they were so this morning broke down and made this pear chutney.
The pears were so fragrant and the flavor of them so delicate and distinctive that I kept the spices very light as not to over power the pears delicacy, but enough to coax some exotic nuances to the palette.

I used about 3 lbs of pears, which made this yield of 7.5 pints.

In a large saucepan, I sauteed in about 1/4 organic safflower oil a finely chopped red onion, a nice hunk of finely chopped ginger root. Four serrano chilis, cut with the seeds, in thin rounds.
The pears I diced into medium chunks.
When the onions and peppers become clear add 1 tlb of Garam Masala, the pears,  1.5 cups of organic sugar ,1 generous cup of dried currents. 1 tlb of mustard seed, several saffron threads, 1 cinnamon stick and about a half cup of white balsamic vinegar, a bit of salt. 

Let simmer until the flavors have blended and the pears are well cooked.
Put in your jars and process for 15 minutes.

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