Saturday, June 19, 2021

Shishito Pepper and Roasted Corn Croquettes

It's corn and pepper season!

These are beyond scrumptious and I serve them with a simple
Chive Aioli as not to take away from the flavors of the peppers
and corn.

you'll need a couple cups of mashed potatoes.
I prefer to use Yukon Golds, leaving the skin on, when cooked and mashed.
Blister a pint of Shishito peppers and cover til soft.
Cut 2 ears corn off the cob and roast in a little olive oil til the corn is cooked
and soft. Undercooked corn will explode when you fry them and take it from 
me , you don't want that to happen!
rough chop the peppers, remove the stem of course and mix with the corn
season with sea salt  and fresh cracked black pepper.
then mix in gently the potatoes, a beaten egg and a couple tablespoons
of flour.
let cool.
then you form the croquettes either by using two spoons to shape
or make little balls. .
You'll fry them in hot vegetable oil until golden
using a slotted spoon to remove and drain on paper towels.

They can easily be re- heated.


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