Thursday, August 23, 2012

 Best Beloveds,  Esteemed Friends and Fans of HERE @ The Whale Bar

Life once again presents an alternate path for me and so now HERE will no longer be there, and the road ahead is uncertain. I want to thank all of you who came and supported my quirky venture, with special heartfelt thanks to Mary Alinder without whom I never would have been able to fill the room with out. John and Paula are moving in and this is going to be wonderful for them, our community and Steven to have an ongoing restaurant there. I wish them great success. My undying love and devotion to  Amanda, Aimee, Heather , Ren & Hoolis. To Mike, Kelle and James, Jen and George for their amazing food they raised and harvested with incredible care and love.

But especially I honor and tip my hat to
 Steven Suddith, n'er a man more graceful and generous
You are a jewel.

 With deep appreciation and gratitude I will move forward.